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Q1:Can you deliver the goods directly to the door? If so, how about the shipping time and cost?

A1:For many countries around the world, we could deliver the goods directly to the door and some of countries we can only send to the port.Shipping time depends on your address, and shipping cost depends on your address and the types and quantities of your goods.So you can provide your specific address information and the products information to get more specific answers.

Q2:Are they RTS(ready-to-ship) products? If not, how about the production time?

A2:Almost all of our products are customized products not the RTS(ready-to-ship) products, so normally we need about 10 days to finish the production and if the order quantity is very large, the production time will be extended as appropriate.

Q3:Do you accept the customization? If so, how about the details?

A3:We can accept the special customization, such as adding the logo, changing another color of leather, etc. And it will incur some extra fees, and the production time will be little longer than basic standard, so if you need a customization, you can ask us for the details about the cost, time, etc. And about the logo, you need to provide a pic in AI format.

Q4:Do you accept our currencies? If so, how to finish the payment?

A4:We can accept the CNY/USD/EUR/HKD/GBP/JPY/SGD/AUD/CAD/NZD, and for another currency, you can ask us if it is possible for payment. After you confirm the order, you can ask us give you the company bank account for transferring or the payment link, by the way, if you'd love the payment by a credit card, you can only choose the Alibaba platform for payment.

Q5:If I am interested in one of your products, how shall I proceed the order?

A5:If you find some interested products after looking through our website, you can ask us about the details about the products and the delivery, then after knowing all details, we will send you an invoice and after confirming all information is correct, then you can choose your payment method just as Q4 shows.

Q6:What is the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) of your products? Do you accept the sample order?

A6:Normally for Pilates products and Cold tub, MOQ is 1, and we accept the sample order, you can buy some samples for test before your large orders. For other products, you can ask us the exact MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity.

If you still have any other questions and not included in our F.A.Q, you can send us an inquiry about yout doubts, we are very glad to help you and solve your problem.



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